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October 05 2013

Photons, not dollars, are a planet hunter’s fundamental currency, as they are what allow a planet to be not only detected but also subsequently characterized. Generally speaking, the more photons astronomers can gather from an exoplanetary system, the more they can learn about it. Stars and planets nearer to our solar system are brighter in our skies due to their close proximity, and hence more valuable, providing floods of useful photons where more distant objects would only offer trickles. This facet was why so many of Kepler’s small planets would struggle to reach a valuation of even a million dollars: the Kepler field stars were far away, and thus very dim. The brightest star visible in the solar system by many orders of magnitude is, of course, the Sun, which has the capacity to send local planetary valuations into truly astronomical territory.

October 04 2013

College is a place where a professor's lecture notes go straight to the students' lecture notes, without passing through the brains of either - Mark Twain
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Our circumstances, relationships, etc. are the results of our own choices. We all make choices (up or down, left or right, right or wrong, good or evil). We create/attract what our heart desires. We usually get what we ask for.
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By avoiding complexity when possible, and containing it when it is unavoidable, we can [...] maximize the probability that the number of security vulnerabilities found remains zero in the future.
— Colin Percival: Complexity is insecurity
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The year of the looking glass

There is a certain appeal in closing the meta-loop of minimalism in programming. Writing simple, efficient code in languages which themselves are simple and efficient. To that end, I've collected programming environments which are small and self contained, while still useful.
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When we distill a design down to the core concepts and remove the extraneous, it forces us to admit and agree what the core concepts actually are.
Subtractive Design
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Mann employs an architectural approach that establishes a plot framework but declines to fill every nook and cranny. He uses very few elements to suggest many more, and in so doing constructs a kind of environment that the audience experiences rather than a narrative account that the audience observes. This is very much minimalism and experience design at work; it just happens to star Johnny Depp, is all.
— Khoi Vinh: "Minimalism, Michael Mann and Miami Vice"
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